N. E. Actor Profiles: Madeleine McKenzie

Madeleine McKenzie. Photo by Joe Henson.
Madeleine McKenzie. Photo by Joe Henson.

Breathing life into characters, and giving a voice to those who do not always have the opportunity or right to express themselves. – Madeleine McKenzie

Madeleine is a quiet force in this industry; a force that is just now developing into what will become undeniable in every way. Madeleine has the work ethic of a dancer, the brains of a lawyer, the free-spirit of a California girl, the drive of an east-coast business woman, the dedication of an athlete, and the heart of an artist.

I have watched Madeleine grow into an incredible artist and businesswoman right before my eyes. She came to me as someone who had what it took to make it…but she hadn’t yet realized her strength. She is now starting to realize this strength and own the responsibility that comes along with such power. Madeleine handles herself with grace in every situation and will continue to make her mark on this industry. As a talent manager I see a lot of actors come and go. Some are looking for the quick road to fame, and others, like Madeleine, are in it for the long haul.

Madeleine on set as Lucia in FAMILY BUSINESS by director Janice Lee.
Madeleine on set as Lucia in FAMILY BUSINESS by director Janice Lee.

Madeleine is not scared of hard work (refer to dancer’s work ethic) and she is insanely aware of every detail required from her before she ever asks for anything from anyone else. When I say she is a quiet force, it’s because she doesn’t need the attention. She isn’t starving for the accolades, and she wants to earn every inch of success that she will have. Madeleine has an infectious energy that everyone wants to be around. She is what producers and directors love to have on set. She is on time, no drama, professional, and brings certain energy to the room that is simply incredible to be around. She will go the extra mile, every time, to get the job done…and not just done…get it done right!

Madeleine has been coaching with me for about six months now and excels in every assignment that I give her. She travelled to NYC in January of 2013 to study with renowned acting coach, Caroline Thomas, where she participated in an eight hour Meisner/Method intensive alongside some of NYC’s top actors. She is always willing to challenge herself in order to raise the bar and be at the level that she demands of herself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Madeleine McKenzie is a force to be reckoned with, and I’m proud to have been a part of even a piece of her journey.

Want to find out more about Madeleine? Visit her website at www.MadeleineMcKenzie.com or find her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MadeleineMcKenzieActress and twitter at https://twitter.com/maddie_mckenzie

Jenn Lederer is a Talent Manager and co-president/owner of Merging Artists Management, New York. Jenn works closely with artists, actors and entrepreneurs, helping them find the power to achieve their goals. Learn more at www.JennLederer.com

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