About our Spring 2023 Cover

 Christy Cashman grew up the ninth of ten children, and her earliest memories involve riding bareback behind her sister on Shirley, their pony. “I was about three, and we’d go out in a group and ride on the trails and sometimes down the highway, but no saddles or anything. It’s like it’s in my blood. When you’re that little and smell how the horse smells and look into those big brown eyes, it’s a done deal. You’re hooked!” 

 While still a child, Christy dreamed of buying the dairy down the road and turning it into a horse farm. That didn’t happen. But Christy’s life has been full of horses, specifically field hunters, and she’s been riding ever since. So, it is no wonder she has spent an appreciable amount of time writing “The Truth About Horses.” It’s a subject she knows very well. A historic castle in Ireland is her home away from home. 

 Christy Cashman is no stranger to the film production community or to IMAGINE Magazine readers. She has been on the cover of IMAGINE twenty-six times, usually on our holiday issues. Christy has always been supportive of the Massachusetts film industry helping individual productions, film festivals and lending her talent to many films including one she wrote and produced herself. 

 She is an early recipient of an “Imaginnaire” Award presented for “Distinguished Service Advancing the Business of Film, TV, and New Media Production in New England.” 

 If all this sounds like a Hollywood screenplay, it’s a good fit: Christy has been an actor, writer, producer, TV host, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Most importantly, she has been an active member of our production community for over twenty years. 

 I would not be surprised if “The Truth About Horses” finds itself becoming a motion picture. Read my story about “The Truth About Horses,” and get the book. It’s a good read, just look at the blurbs and you will know. 

 Our cover photo is Christy’s choice, and our cover design is by IMAGINE’s art director and design editor, Monique Walton. 

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