About Us!

IMAGINE Magazine, in print and online, is totally devoted to the Film, TV/Video, and New Media production industries in New England. IMAGINE connects the dots for industry participants and tells their stories. We introduced Film Tax Credits to New England in 2002 and have been publishing since 1998.

IMAGINE features every aspect of the artists and technicians that make up the industry: the individuals, businesses, technology, industry events, opportunities, trends and developments.

Our goal supports the growth, enrichment, and enhancement of our industry in our region and mails and broadcasts those stories to the rest of the world.

IMAGINE supports the work of independent filmmakers and the process of bringing others (major studios/producers/independents) to our region to work, thereby enriching our community with work and experience. Promoting our region to the rest of the world shares the top of our priority list right up there with defending our hard fought for Film Tax Credits.

We encourage and advocate for our New England cities and states to support the industry and profit from it. This is a tax-based initiative on our part that grows economies on an advantaged scale. In the last twelve years we have zeroed in on passing and maintaining good film tax incentive legislation and have assisted all six New England states; three states have passed serious legislation.

IMAGINE is seen by 50,000 savvy and talented creative and technical participants in our industry ten times a year. Our June/July and Dec/Jan issues are combined. All others are monthly. Last year our website had over one million hits from all over the world.

Our publisher, Carol Patton, was awarded Harvard’s Dudley House “Harvey” Award for “service to the filmmaking community.” And she received Women in Film & Video/New England’s Image Award for Vision and Excellence. In 2015 she received the RIIFF Crystal Creative Vision Award and a Special Award honoring her leadership in the Film Production Industry.

This year we began our 18th year of publication and service. Every year IMAGINE publishes the important New England Location, Production and Resource Guide, which we widely distribute throughout the country particularly at AFCI’s Locations & Global Finance Show and at NAB and can be viewed on our web site 24/7/365.

Each month IMAGINE distributes its copies by four different methods of distribution in New England, New York, LA, and at major Industry Events. Many of our outlets are served by FedEx delivery right off the press. Delivery by truck goes to 120 strategic sites within two days of coming off the press. Our subscribers and advertisers receive their copies by first class mail. Of course, our electronic edition is available on line immediately and is archived.

We deliver copies to major events at their venues. IMAGINE attends Sundance/Slamdance Film Festivals, NATPE, AFM, NAB, AFCI’s Locations Trade Show, Tribeca Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival & Market, The Nantucket Film Festival, New York Film Festival, and almost every film festival in and around New England.

IMAGINE’s Editorial Calendar lists a theme for every issue. While the theme is spotlighted, we carry all the industry news we can fit into our 36-pages each month. The Editorial Calendar is posted on our website. Every year we publish our New England Production, Resource & Locations Guide. This tells the New England production story and gets a huge bonus distribution at locations driven AFCI Trade Show where over 300 Film Offices come to exhibit and 3,000-5,000 location scouts, directors and producers visit.

Our avid readers include writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, technical crew, artistic crew, actors, casting agents and dramatic coaches, production designers and set decorators, make-up artists, equipment providers and specialists, entertainment attorneys, editors, music supervisors, composers, scorers, performers, broadcasters, film, visual arts and communications educators and students, union members, caterers, hoteliers, transportation specialists, every level of filmmaker and all those who work in the industry as well as those who appreciate it for what it is and can be and those who employ the industry. The production of THE FINEST HOURS wrote over 1300 checks to local businesses in Massachusetts for everything from welding, to pizza to rain gear. Our industry impacts a lot of folks in every region of New England.

This year, IMAGINE is in its 18th year of publication for another exhilarating year defending our film tax credits, nourishing, and growing the industry and celebrating the work in the Northeast. IMAGINE supports this work through advertising and subscriptions. Join us.