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The business of film, television & new media production in the Northeast
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The business of film, television & new media production in the Northeast

Advertising Rates

Print Ads Rates

For online advertising, see Web Advertising below

full pg no bleed
8.375”10.375” $2,100/issue$1,800/issue$1650/issue
full pg no bleed
(back cover)
8.375”10.375” $2,500/issue$2,300/issue$2,300/issue
full pg no bleed
inside covers
8.375”10.375” $2,700/issue$2,500/issue$2,300/issue
2/3 pg Vertical4.875”10”$1,600/issue$1,500/issue$1,400/issue
1/2 pg Horizontal8.375”4.875”$1,300/issue$1,100/issue$1,000/issue
1/2 pg Vertical4.125”9.75”$1,300/issue$1,100/issue$1,000/issue
1/3 pg Square4.875”4.875”$1,000/issue$900/issue$800/issue
1/3 pg Vertical2.5”9.75”$1,000/issue$900/issue$800/issue
1/4 pg4.125”4.875”$850/issue$750/issue$650/issue
1/6 pg Horizontal4.875”2.75”$600/issue$500/issue$400/issue
1/6 pg Vertical2.75”4.875”$600/issue$500/issue$400/issue
1/9 pg Vertical2.5”3.125”$300/issue$250/issue$200/issue
• All rates are 4-color.• All advertising is billed per issue at the time of publication & is due upon receipt.•Cash in advance discounts are available.•Inserts for Special Sales & Events.Ask about our 2 page-spread rates.

Computer Software

Our design house utilizes Adobe CC, any of the following layout files are acceptable:
Adobe InDesign (.indd), Photoshop (.psd, *.tif, *.jpg, .eps), Illustrator (.ai, *.eps, *.pdf) & Acrobat (*.pdf).
We can also accept non-working files of *.tif, *.jpg, *.eps & *.pdf format. Note that changes cannot be made to these files once received. Non-working files must have all text converted to outlines or all fonts embedded, and all images embedded, in addition to following all other specifications.

File Set Up & Rates

Set document dimensions to the correct size of the ad. If ad will bleed off edge, set document size to bleed dimensions. It is not necessary to include printer marks such as crop, bleed and registration marks or page information.

File Delivery

We will accept the following media: CD, DVD, 100 & 250mb Zip Disk.

Send to:

Imagine Publishing, Inc.
Att: Carol Patton / Publisher
185 Mt. Auburn St., Ste 3
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone 617 576-0773
Fax 617 864-4923
or email to


All colors appearing in your ad must be built from process colors CMYK. All spot color should be converted to process CMYK. Screened tone values which exceed 85% will print as a solid. Any dot under 5% may drop to white. We cannot guarantee legibility of four color text below 10 pts. or white reverse text below 6 pts. Advertisements are accepted with the understanding that Imagine Publishing will make reasonable efforts to match color specifications. However, it does not guarantee color reproduction to be exact and will not rebate or adjust except where reproduction clearly diminishes its utility or effectiveness. Color is not an exact science and can appear differently in other publications due to difference in printers, in-line issues and paper stock.

Images & Illustrations

All images must be CMYK or Grayscale. It is not recommended to include ICC profiles or embed any other color profiles. Images should have a resolution no lower than 300 dpi at 100% of actual print size. Illustrations placed in layout files should be process CMYK, with any spot color being converted to process CMYK. Illustrations must also have all text converted to outlines.

Web advertising rates

Large Slider Rotating Ads:

980 x 330 pixels $300 per month in increments of three month periods payable in advance.


2019 American Film Market

Small Third Column Banner ads:

224 x 90 pixels $125 per month in increments of three month periods payable in advance.


IATSE Local 481