Take 2: April 2018

My very first Letter from the Publisher, Take Two, was written twenty years ago and published in
our very first edition, April 1998. I remember exactly what I wrote, but I pulled a hard copy and
reread for sentiment and old times sake.

“Things are as we imagine them into, or out of existence,” I wrote. “Imagination is the most
powerful tool of creativity. However, facts and information have become the icons of our age. We tend to forget that the life we make for ourselves and for the world is shaped and limited only by the perimeters of our imagination. “And so we need to be educated in imagination.

This is an idea largely lost in this century for I fear we take our imaginations all too lightly. The
way we make our world depends on the vitality of our imagination. We in the media can help with the ongoing education in imagination by creating complex images and engaging stories for the theaters of the mind and the edification of the soul and by resisting temptation to be merely clever or technically effective.”

Hence, the name IMAGINE.

Then, “Imagine New England celebrated the world over for its abundance of creative talent, its desirable locations, its user-friendly labor pool, its cost-effective and award winning production capabilities. Imagine all that and a financial community to support and invest in it! Use your imagination to create a clear image sense and feeling of this. Can you imagine that when we endeavor to do this together, it will manifest? Together we can make it happen.” I dedicated IMAGINE to this important work.

“The aim is to examine and illuminate issues with the intention of advancing the causes that contribute to the overall wellbeing of the industry. Matters such as revising tax laws and incentives, developing financing for local film, TV, radio and other creative projects, sponsoring
writers, promoting independent filmmakers, acknowledging good work through an awards event, creating student sponsorships and challenging everyone to do their best work are some of the stepping stones to building giant legacies that this publication can help provide.”

In retrospect of the last twenty years, I believe IMAGINE has kept its promise and continues to guard its goals. Our industry has manifested, we have passed and now promote and protect our film tax credits, we do have our annual “Imaginnaire” Awards Gala and we are a resource for New England promoted all over the world as we flood national and international industry events with IMAGINE Magazines spreading the word about what we have to offer in our region. Along with our advertisers, subscribers and supporters IMAGINE has played a significant role in our industry’s success here…. We are your champions.

Over 100,000 people from all over the world will attend the next NAB Show, April 7 – 12, 2018 in Las Vegas. From creation to consumption, this NAB Show is designed to optimize and monetize your content. This is where the latest digital tech is unveiled, professional communities gather, and “world renowned thought leaders fuel the digital ecosystem.”

We are there to promote our region, its film tax incentives, talent, crew, and production support services found in our New England Production, Resource & Locations Guide. For all of you who supported this effort our greatest thank you. Your participation is most appreciated.

Be sure you read our cover story “Jeff Rosica Promoted to Top Post at Avid Technology” by IMAGINE’s Government Relations and Business Development Director Ed Rae. It’s an exciting look into a Boston high tech company known and loved worldwide. We’re hearing many industry leaders cheer for Jeff as Avid’s new President and CEO.

I’m looking forward to visiting the Museum of Broadcast Technology booth at NAB, as I do every year. Tom Sprague and Paul Beck keep me entertained with their throw-back broadcast technology from the 40s through the 80s, equipment all made in America – RCA for example.

With the impending April 6 release of CHAPPAQUIDDICK, I have to tell this short story from
Paul Beck, who, if you look real closely at the trailer for CHAPPAQUIDDICK, you can find in a
brief shot operating a TK42, the TV camera technology of the time.

Paul and Tom provided a collection of period-correct metal tripods, field dollies and the appropriate large-format tilt heads with special pan bars and lens controls, and the expertise to make them as visually correct for the cameras used in production in 1969.

When Paul delivered the two field tripods, the Set Dresser requested that he accompany the tripods to the seashore mansion in Beverly. “It became apparent that the physical unpacking and erection of the rented TK-42s needed an experienced person. Each camera is so large it has four mounting holes in its base, and weighed well over 100 pounds, even “hollowed out” and fitted with a small CCD camera.

Paul was asked to demonstrate moving the cameras and the correct way an operator would have handled a camera of this large size. Director John Curran asked him to return the following day for the actual shooting.

The following morning at sun up found Paul visiting the “Base Camp” of a dozen trailers and support vehicles. After an extremely hearty breakfast with other Crew and actors, he was ushered through Wardrobe for new pants and a shirt and shoes. Then to Hair styling and Makeup for a wee bit of color on his cheeks. Then, back to the main house for a day of intense shooting.

“I had planned to serve only as a humble tripod and camera “Wrangler” for only one morning,” said Paul.

“That morphed into an all-day coaching and demonstration session for the production officials and other actors and ultimately to myself being part of the acting crew and making a brief appearance in front of the cameras. It was a grand day!”

So, the Museum of Broadcast Technology is now also a “Prop House” complete with technical expertise and on set talent. I believe that in addition to preserving the past the Museum of Broadcast Technology has become a resource for the industry.

When I return from Las Vegas we will be celebrating IMAGINE’s 20th Anniversary! Imagine that!

Standby for a big party once we complete this effort supporting and promoting our industry to the rest of the world. Then, I will be sending out invitations – if you are not on our email newsletter list, go to www.imaginenews.com and opt in for additional news, events and more industry information.

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