N. E. Actor Profiles: Alfred Thomas Catalfo

By Michael Walsh

Alfred Thomas Catalfo. Photo courtesy of ATC
Alfred Thomas Catalfo. Photo courtesy of ATC

The medical examiner checks the body and saunters over to a detective, who is watching the last few seconds of the Super Bowl on the victim’s TV. “That’s weird,” says the examiner. “Two bullet wounds from two different guns… but no bullets, no casings…nothing.” The detective, a perfectly droll expression on his face, glances over at the victim. “Hmm, that is weird,” he says. “Listen, whether we watch the end of the game or not, he’s going to be just as dead.”

The medical examiner then joins the detective and other members of the forensic team to watch Adam Vinatieri kick the game-winning field goal for the New England Patriots’ first Super Bowl win. I’m the victim.

The detective is actor Alfred Thomas Catalfo, who also happens to be the director and screenwriter. The film is BIGHORN – a 15-minute, supernatural historical fantasy that won the 2011 Online New England Film Festival.

Writer/ Director Alfred Thomas Catalfo working as an actor in an Amazon commercial. Photo courtesy of Amazon.
Writer/ Director Alfred Thomas Catalfo working as an actor in an Amazon commercial. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

In a film that features a re-enactment of Custer’s Last Stand, a herd of ornery buffalo and the Super Bowl, it’s usually Alfred’s languid delivery of that line – which perfectly captures the tone of the movie – that brings down the house. A real-life trial attorney, Alfred’s varied film roles have included playing Billy Zane’s lawyer in the NBC television movie BET YOUR LIFE, a baseball team owner in WAGES OF SIN, a Las Vegas gambling addict on his wedding day in the dark comedy EAR WHACKS, and an everyman pitted against a Government assassin in the science fiction thriller THE STAG HUNT.

I think what makes Alfred such a superb actor is having a filmmaker’s understanding of what the director needs combined with an extensive knowledge of how people act and react in a wide variety of circumstances from his experience in the courtroom. In addition to being a member of SAG, he’s also one heck of a singer/songwriter and guitarist. Alfred’s a renaissance man – or at least a Swiss Army Knife – who fosters camaraderie, is a quick study and is always a blast to work with.

Michael Walsh did a stint with the U.S. Army. Upon discharge, Michael used his G.I. Bill to attend UNH, where he majored in Theatre. The rest is history…or at least a work-in-progress, until it becomes history…nevermind. He can be reached at icarus.walsh@gmail.com. Alfred Thomas Catalfo may be reached at atcatalfo@gmail.com.

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