One minute you’re up, really up; the next minute you’re down, really down. Airline captain Tony Martin’s long road back from a debilitating back injury is an offbeat journey into one man’s mind, as he slowly loses it. More importantly, it’s a journey into his heart. In the torturous months of recovery, trapped in his suburban home by his disability, Captain Martin will become a “castaway on the couch.” Driven by despair, battered by the combined effects of both pain and prescription drugs, and the misguided pharmaceutical philosophy that if one pain-pill is “good,” then two must be “twice as good,” Martin becomes almost unrecognizable to those who know and love him. The former Marine aviator faces two choices: the first and easiest, surrender to the dark side of his injury and risk losing it all. The second and more difficult; pull himselfup by his boot-strings and walk, okay, maybe limp, back into life. The choice is his.

Year Made: 2005-2012

Link to Film: https://vimeo.com/10953578

Name: Joseph A. Conforti
Email: josephaconforti@comcast.net
Phone: 954-648-7607
Company/Organization Name: Out Of Alignment LLC
Address: Boston, MA