Talamas Broadcast Equipment becomes full line Motorola dealership

The November 2012 addition of Motorola product to Talamas
Broadcast Equipment’s sales inventory fits perfectly with Talamas’ ongoing
efforts to provide both one-stop access to all the technology their clients
require and unsurpassed expertise in the use of that technology.

“Our specialty is catering to motion picture, live event and production
companies,” says CEO Dave Talamas. “If you want your walkies to talk to your
RTS, your wireless intercom, or – in a theatre setting – to your Clearcomm,
we can do that.”

It is critical for production companies to deal with a provider that knows
the industry and speaks their language and Talamas does, fluently. “We know
your needs and can provide and package these products specifically with
those needs in mind,” Talamas says, “so they can be deployed swiftly, kept
track of easily and stored safely to protect your investment.”

With the largest Motorola two-way radio rental inventory in the Northeastern
U.S. for the film and staging industries, and the experience of providing
Motorola products to countless commercial shoots, television production and
major motion pictures including Moneyball, The Social Network and The
Fighter, Talamas’ ability to tailor a walkie-talkie package to your specific
needs is without compare.

Talamas’ extensive work as RF Specialists and early adoption of wireless
technologies for a broad spectrum of production applications also enhances
the services they offer potential Motorola buyers. “We have numerous
licenses for frequencies in the mobile band,” explains Audio Account
Manager, Ben Rossignol, “and our knowledge of FCC laws governing bandwidth
and areas of usage is very broad and very current. So, when a client comes
to us and wants to purchase, they have the benefit of our being able to
inform them about the sort of licensing process they need to go through,
because we’ve gone through it ourselves.”

That offers substantial value to customers looking to purchase Motorola
product, adds Video Account Manager, Mark Sacco. “We’re an experienced
rental facility and have deep connections with companies that use these
products on an ongoing basis, so we know how to help our clients deploy them
effectively. It’s like having a favorite mechanic who suddenly becomes a car
dealer. As authorized Motorola dealers we can take care of our buyers more
effectively and provide not just quality equipment, but advice they can
trust, because we’ve been working with Motorola products for years.”

Talamas Broadcast Equipment has served the broadcast and production
industries for over 30 years. Over that time the Newton, MA-based, company
has earned a reputation for technical know-how and unparalleled customer
service. Founded in 1979 by Dave Talamas, the company has responded to
innovations in audio and video technology by bringing state-of-the-art gear
to professionals in the Boston area and across the United States. For more
information, visit the Talamas Broadcast Equipment website, www.talamas.com

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