Talamas Expands Supply of DPA Microphones

As part of its continual effort to provide the highest quality
equipment available to its clients, broadcast sales and rental company
Talamas Broadcast has added more DPA Microphones gear to its equipment
arsenal. It recently purchased 26 DPA d:fineT headset microphones, 35
d:voteT 4099 instrument microphones and several 4000 Series miniature

As one of the top 10 wireless microphone suppliers in the U.S., Talamas
Broadcast has long been a provider of DPA Microphones, stocking the
company’s 4061 previous model headset microphones. With the additions of the
d:fine, d:vote and 4000 Series microphones, the company will be able to
provide even more DPA mic demos to potential customers.

“DPA makes the one of the best-sounding microphones on the planet,” says
Dave Talamas, president of Talamas Broadcast. “With this recent purchase, I
bought more than I usually would. I felt I had to take advantage of the
opportunity to supply my customers with the latest microphone technology.”

Named for their accurate audio definition and natural sonic characteristics,
the d:fine series of headset microphones boast consistent audio performance
at all sound-pressure levels-from a whisper to a shout-and also feature
impressive gain before feedback and stable construction. In a broadcast
world that is relying less on studio-bound and traditional filmed
programming, the d:fine headset microphones provide worry-free performance
in the most exacting situations. The d:fine series mics are available in
omnidirectional and directional versions, and include a long and short mic
boom mounted on either a single-ear mount or a dual-ear mount.

DPA’s d:vote range of instrument microphones are perfect for live
performance and broadcast settings that require high-quality mics that are
discrete and effortless to change. Building on the success of the highly
acclaimed 4099 instrument clip mic series, d:vote has an enhanced shock
mount to provide even better absorption. Additionally, the new d:vote
instrument microphones now feature a detachable cable available in heavy
duty 2.2 mm (0.087 in) and 1.55 mm (0.061 in) diameter versions. Further
flexibility is available through an extension unit for the gooseneck
supplied with the mic, which lengthens its neck by 50 percent.

“DPA Microphones is happy to work with Dave Talamas on his latest venture,”
says Eric Mayer, vice president of DPA Microphones’ U.S. office. “We look
forward to working with him and wish him much success.”

Founded in 1979 by Dave Talamas to serve the broadcast and production
industries in the Boston area, Talamas Broadcast has earned a reputation
around the country fortechnically savvy staff and unparalleled customer
service. Since its founding, the company has responded to innovations in
both audio and video technology by delivering state-of-the-art gear to
customers throughout the U.S. In addition to serving the broadcast and
production industries, the Talamas sales team is also active in the theater,
education, government and corporate sectors. The company’s rental and
service departments are comprised of real-world professionals who are
familiar with each and every product that comes through the Talamas doors.
Talamas carries more than 75 complimentary product lines for sale or rental.


DPA Microphones A/S is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of
high quality condenser microphones and microphone solutions for professional
applications in studio, broadcast, theatre, video/film and sound
reinforcement environments. All DPA microphones and components are
manufactured at the company’s purpose-built factory in Denmark. For more
information on DPA Microphones, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com

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Talamas to demo Sound Devices Tech at 2012 NEBCExpo

Given Talamas Broadcast Equipment’s ongoing emphasis on
providing the latest cutting-edge video and audio technology for their
clients, it’s only natural they were the first in New England to offer Sound
Devices audio gear such as the 788T Twelve-Track Recorder and CL-8 Mixing
Control Surface, in addition to their compliment of Sound Devices PIX
audio/video recorders.

Over the course of October and November 2012, Talamas will be expanding on
their sales and rental inventory of Sound Devices equipment with the 664
Production Mixer, CL-6 Expander and PIX 220i, PIX 240i and PIX 260i
audio/video recorders. The technology is a perfect fit, explains sales
manager, Diane Talamas, citing the ongoing dialogue that Sound Devices, like
Talamas, maintains with their users and clients – a focus on “listening to
the end user and developing their products accordingly.”

Offering both Sound Devices audio and video products provides substantial
value for clients, says Talamas product specialist, Nick Jabour: “We not
only know each individual unit well, but how they can be integrated to
create a better system, which, ultimately, enables clients to implement the
devices more effectively and quickly in the field.”

The 664 Production Mixer is the latest addition to Sound Devices’ line of
field and production mixers and provides expanded input/output connectivity
and recording capabilities, greater flexibility and ease-of-use. With the
664 alone up to 10 tracks of audio can be recorded. In tandem with the CL-6
Expander, users can add six additional analog line-level inputs to the 664.

The PIX 220i and PIX 240i also build on existing Sound Devices lines,
offering upgraded firmware as well as higher contrast and improved off-axis
viewing via high-performance five-inch, IPS-based LCD displays. “With the
Pix 220i and 240i you’re getting a monitor and a recording machine you know
you can rely on without having to carry two devices,” says Talamas product
specialist, Mike Duca. Similarly, the PIX 260i rack-mount video/audio
recorder and player – purpose designed to seamlessly replace tape-based
video decks and provide up to 32-tracks for recording and playback – offers
substantial benefits in any production or post production environment.

Additionally, Talamas will carry the PIX-DOCK, an SSD mounting accessory
that, when connected to drives mounted in a PIX-CADDY 2, provides a highly
flexible, multi-format file transfer interface. “One major benefit is that
the PIX-DOCK provides the option of transferring files via Thunderbolt,
which is outrageously fast,” Duca says, “and that’s really important when
you’ve recorded 256 Gigabytes of data and need to do a quick turnaround.”

The addition of these products speaks volumes about Talamas’ commitment to
servicing the market by providing one-stop shopping for any client – from
large production houses to educational institutions – for virtually any A/V

Talamas will demonstrate the Sound Devices PIX 240i and the 664 Production
Mixer at the 2012 New England Broadcast and Cable Trade Show on October
16th. Additional seminars and workshops featuring demonstrations of the CL-6
Controller, PIX 220i and 260i will be scheduled in the near future.

Talamas Broadcast Equipment has been serving the broadcast and production
industries for over 30 years. Over that time the Newton, MA-based, company
has earned a reputation for technical know-how and unparalleled customer
service. Founded in 1979 by Dave Talamas, the company has responded to
innovations in audio and video technology by bringing state-of-the-art gear
to professionals in the Boston area and across the United States. For more
information, visit the Talamas Broadcast website, www.talamas.com.

Sound Devices, LLC designs and manufactures portable audio mixers, digital
audio recorders, and digital video recorders and related equipment for
feature film, episodic television, documentary, news and acoustical test and
measurement applications. The fourteen-year old company designs and
manufactures from their Reedsburg, Wisconsin headquarters with additional
offices in Madison, WI and Highland Park, IL. Recently, Sound Devices
technology has gained notoriety for its successful deployment in a third
season of HBO’s Emmy winning adaptation of author George R.R. Martin’s epic
fantasy, Game of Thrones, where it is a mainstay for the recording of
dialogue and ambiance on set. For more information, visit the Sound Devices
website, www.sounddevices.com.

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Talamas specifies Sennheiser and Soundcraft for the Boston Ballet

Developing and maintaining lasting personal and professional
relationships with clients is an ethic Talamas Broadcast Equipment has
always embraced, and one that definitely came into play during the design of
a cutting edge audio system for the Boston Ballet’s Grand Studio rehearsal

“Our relationship with the Ballet dates back many years,” says sales manager
and director of operations, Diane Talamas. “We’ve worked on a variety of
projects with them over time and recently provided them with a K-array
system distributed by Sennheiser and Soundcraft Vi1 console for their home
venue, The Boston Opera House.”

That project involved substantial challenges, adds company president, Dave
Talamas. “They came back to us because we came through, met those challenges
and provided a system that sounds great.”

Based on their previous use of the K-array and Soundcraft gear, the Ballet
and A/V Coordinator Rick Brenner had a good idea of what they needed for the
Grand Studio after first approaching Talamas in March 2012. “They wanted to
stick with brands that exceeded their expectations,” explains Diane, “but
when they come to us,” it’s not just about the equipment, it’s because our
goal is to make them happy and we take pride in doing so.”

That was a key factor in the Ballet’s decision to ask Talamas to specify and
design an audio system for the Grand Studio that spoke to the highly
flexible nature of the space. “While primarily it’s a rehearsal space,” says
Talamas Product specialist Nick Jabour, “it’s used for everything from
rehearsals to second stage performances with a small orchestra.” In
addition, the Grand Studio functions as a performance/workshop space for
students of the Boston Ballet School and a venue for various demonstrations
and lectures. Correspondingly, it was necessary Brenner be able to convert
the space from one application to another quickly and easily.

In April 2012, even before they’d been contracted for the job,
representatives from Talamas visited the Grand Studio and recommended
locations for hanging the K-array loudspeakers. After taking on the project
officially, Talamas continued to work closely with Brenner and arranged a
Soundcraft representative to bring Soundcraft’s Si Compact 24 console to the
venue, so Brenner could go through it ‘with a fine-toothed comb’ and ensure
it met his needs before the Ballet purchased it.

In addition to the console, Talamas provided eight, K-array KH15’s and one
KS4 Sub. Rather than hang the K-Array components in a line array
configuration, Brenner hoped to affix the KH15s to the ceiling – one per
corner, two in the centre of the ceiling and two flown to the left and right
of the KS4 as FOH mains – to provide maximum coverage for both rehearsal and
performance applications.

Initially, however, he was concerned powered speakers might exceed the
weight restrictions specified by a structural engineer on the project. “But
in reality,” Brenner says, “the KH 15s are actually lighter than the passive
speakers I’d considered.”

The Grand Studio’s performance space boasts a set of automated, retractable
risers that seat 147 people and a second upper, glassed-in, 49-person
capacity area. To streamline the installation process for Brenner, Talamas
custom built a twelve-space rack to hold the venue’s Telex BTR System,
Sennheiser Evolution 100 wireless systems and a Tascam hard disk recorder/CD
player. “It was all pre-labeled and programmed,” Diane says. “All Rick had
to do was turn it on and it worked.”

“That was a last minute thing I threw at Diane and she was awesome. They
wanted it to be perfect and it was,” Brenner puts in. “The system is
designed so all of the equipment, including the Soundcraft Si console, can
live on the risers and track back and forth with them, so I can repurpose
from a rehearsal to show configuration within half an hour.”

Providing that level of care and attention is key to enhancing the kind of
personal relationships everyone at Talamas believes are integral to doing
not just good business, but great work. “We’re not here just to offer up
quick references for technical data. We’re here as a partner,” Nick says,
“and that type of relationship results in a better system for the client,
and a client with a better understanding of their own system because they
had those personal interactions.”

Let Talamas put our expertise to work for you.

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Talamas provides state-of-the art Sound Devices equipment for Emerson College

Since founding in 1880, Emerson College has always emphasized providing the highest quality, most up to date training for students; a tradition they’ve expanded their capacity to honor with the recent purchase of two Sound Devices Pix 240 Production Video Recorders, a 788T Twelve-Track Recorder and a CL-8 Mixing Control Surface from Talamas Broadcast Equipment.

Working with Talamas to update their A/V technology was a natural choice. ”I’ve enjoyed working with Talamas for years,” says Paul Beck, Manager of Operations/Administration at Emerson. “Their people have always been supportive and helpful. I can’t speak well enough about them.”

In May 2012, Talamas provided the technology for Emerson’s needs based on the challenges the college wanted to meet with them, explains Talamas Video Rentals Technician, Mike Duca. “They wanted to record 8 channels of audio, discreetly, without having to tether to the camera, record 4:2:2 10bit quality S-Log footage at a high bit rate out of a Sony PMW-F3 and be able to jam time code between all of the devices.”

The Sound Devices gear Talamas suggested met those needs with flying colors. “The 788T allows you to record 8 inputs and mix-down 4 separate tracks of audio to a hard drive and a compact flash card. The CL-8 controller allows you to ride the levels for all 8 channels without changing the preamp levels. The Pix 240 can record Apple pro res 220Mb/s at 10bit or DNX HD 220Mb/s at 10bit, and both codecs are 4:2:2 color space. Also, the 788T and Pix 240 have Ambient crystals to hold time code, so either device can be used as the master, but I suggested using the 788T to jam the Pix, the F3 and a TS 3 slate, so the editor can sync audio and video up later extremely easily.”

“The Pix 240s record Hi DEF video in a file format that can easily be used in Final Cut Pro or Avid programs,” Beck adds, explaining that the Sound Devices gear will be used by students studying television, media or digital media production and working in the field and in the classroom on virtually any kind of media production.

Emerson’s decision to purchase the Pix 240s – which Talamas were the first to offer in the market – was also based on Talamas’ attempts to educate potential clients in the use of the equipment. Increasingly, the company has ramped up their efforts to do so, says Christine Talamas, by hosting a series of instructive seminars covering the use of various products, which included a February 2012 event featuring an appearance by a product developer from Sound Devices.

Those efforts didn’t end with the sale of the gear. When instructors in the Department of Television, Radio and Film Production requested additional training on the Pix 240s and how best to use them in conjunction with their compliment of Sony F3s, Duca headed to Emerson’s Paramount Sound Stage to offer an in-depth training session.

“I went over the Pix 240 from front to back, highlighting features provided by the product’s 2.0 firmware upgrade.” For example, he says; “Calibrating the LCD, using false colors to judge exposure, as well as various signal flow options like the ability to record embedded audio from the camera’s SDi stream and using the Pix 240’s XLR inputs to record more discreet channels of audio.” Additionally, he covered the workflow for jamming the devices together using the 788T as his master, jamming the Pix 240 and then the Denecke Ts-3.

Beyond the benefits the practical, real life, demo offered instructors and, by extension, their students, Duca believes it provided him with an opportunity to better understand Emerson’s needs, which, ultimately, will allow Talamas offer better service going forward. “We want all of our clients to get the most out of any product we supply. We want them to ask questions and we want to answer them. Getting to know your client means that you can anticipate their needs and not only meet them, but exceed them. That level of care is what sets Talamas apart.”

That ethic is as integral to Talamas’ business model as constant innovation is to Emerson’s efforts to respond swiftly to changes in the fields of communication and the arts by employing cutting-edge technology. The result is that Emerson’s students will possess the kind of real world experience that’s is an absolute must for their success. In fact, Emerson intends to ask Talamas to provide additional training, “And more gear, Beck puts in. “It’s been exciting making the leap into the all digital recording world and now that we have the two Pix 240s we’re probably going to get a bunch more.”

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Big production merger in New England


Now known as Element, offerings will blend production and post-production services, with digital content creation and delivery for clients nationally.

BOSTON, MA, September 6, 2012 – Element Productions and Picture Park, two of the region’s premiere production companies, today announced a merger agreement, creating the largest production company in New England. The merger blends the diverse talents of the two firms to provide both national and local agencies a broad array of production and post-production services with an unparalleled team of directors, editors and producers.

Eran Lobel, who founded Element Productions in 1998, will serve as chief executive officer of the combined company and will remain an executive
producer. Mark Hankey, who has led Picture Park for almost two decades, will focus on creative development, national expansion and serve as executive producer. Scott Burtnett will continue as senior producer. Rounding out the leadership team is long-time Element Productions executive producer Kristen Kearns, who will remain in that role and focus on growing post-production services.

The combined assets of the two companies makes the new Element a robust and vertically integrated production and post-production house, offering
everything from creative development through delivery, across multiple platforms. The combined pool of directors provides agencies with unparalleled choice and the ability to select from a diverse set of creative abilities and directing experiences. These high-profile directors are filmmakers,  documentarians, and photographers. They are writers and musicians – artisans with multi-faceted skill sets. Their diverse skills and
interests add valuable depth and enhance to any creative opportunities.

“This merger brings together two entities with complementary skills, creating an opportunity to rapidly drive growth and meet the demands of
clients in a continuously evolving production marketplace,” said Lobel.  “Picture Park brings a remarkably strong roster of directors and a
production team that will immediately strengthen the production arm of Element. Our combined collective of directors, producers and editors will
all be able to even better serve agencies and their ever-evolving creative needs, on every platform.”

The company will be based at Element’s new state-of-the-art facility in Boston.

“The new Element will immediately leverage the growth potential of both companies. The ability for directors to work beyond the standard TV
commercial format will open up creative possibilities not only for our clients, but also for the directors. The full service infrastructure will help carry the creative vision from concept through completion.” added Executive Producer Mark Hankey.

At the production level, the broad experience of the senior producers on both staffs creates one of the strongest combinations in Boston or anywhere
else. Element’s recent expansion of its post facility provides clients an environment and technologies that streamline work flow and support the
creation of quality work from concept through delivery.

For more information contact:
Jane Dawson / jane@element.cc / 617-779-8808

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Rule Boston Camera Becomes Sound Devices Reseller for PIX Video Products

May 15, 2012 – Rule Boston Camera adds Sound Devices’ PIX Production Video
Recorder Family to its extensive line of production and post-production
equipment available for sale.  As an official reseller for the PIX 220, PIX
240 and PIX 260 along with accessories such as PIX Caddy, PIX Dock, PIX Arm,
PIX LCD and PIX Hood, Rule now offers its customers the option to buy as
well as rent these award-winning products.
“Part of our mission as a company is to provide media-makers with a one-stop
shop for all their production and post-production needs – whether they are
renting, buying, building or integrating — we take great pride in helping
to determine the best solutions based on our customers’ needs,” said John
Rule, founder and president of Rule Boston Camera. “In our Rental
Department, the PIX 240 has performed admirably under often-extreme
conditions.  We have been so impressed with its build quality, its ease of
use and the quality of its recording, that our sales team was driven to
making this exceptional product line available to our customers on the sales
Adds general manager, Brian Malcolm, “By coming to Rule as a rental
customer, you have the ability to try before you buy.  Our engineering and
technical staff frequently consult with our customers to help configure
production-to-post workflows that make practical sense and offer a variety
of budgetary options. The PIX 240 has done extremely well in rentals, and we
are excited to be able to offer it as an option to our sales clients.”
ABOUT RULE BOSTON CAMERA:  For over two decades, Rule Boston Camera has
provided individuals, networks, corporations and students with the
professional equipment, services and support they need for their most
critical projects.  Rule’s stellar reputation reflects the diverse knowledge
and experience of its staff along with its expansive inventory and
comprehensive services for sales, rentals and system integration.  Rule
provides weekly and monthly educational opportunities through its Learning
Lab series and Pub Night events.  For more information about Rule Boston
Camera, please visit http://www.rule.com.

ABOUT SOUND DEVICES:  Since 1998, Sound Devices, LLC has built
high-performance, field-production audio products. Its growing family of
portable and durable audio mixers, digital recorders, preamplifiers, and
computer interfaces are trusted by production professionals worldwide and
deliver superb, consistent performance in extreme locations.  Sound Devices
is committed to designing and building products with unquestionable
performance, quality, and value. For more information on Sound Devices,
please visit http://www.sounddevices.com.


Press Contact:
Lisa D’Angelo, Director of Outreach at 617-277-2200 or dangelo@rule.com

Sales Contact:
Kevin Brunswick, Sales Operations Manager at 617-277-2200 or

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Boris FX Product Line to Support Adobe CS6

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated VFX and workflow
technology for video and film, today announced that its cross-platform
family of visual effects, compositing, titling, and workflow tools will
support the forthcoming Adobe Creative Suite 6 release.

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April 16 to 19, 2012

Visit Booth C8232 at NAB from April 16 to 19, for a close look at the revolutionary TS3Cine high-speed digital camera that records 720p images at 720 frames per second for ultra-sharp, high-resolution images.

This affordable and portable battery-operated camera includes a unique and impressive 7” built-in LCD screen and records 1280 x 1024 at 500 fps – or up to 20,000 frames per second at reduced resolutions.

As a self-contained, handheld camera with an easy and accessible menu system, the TS3Cine can also be operated over Gigabit Ethernet, using either a PC or Mac with a standard web browser for long-distance control.

Multiple storage options allow users to easily download clips to an internal SSD drive, SDHC cards or portable USB hard drives. The TS3Cine’s built-in solid-state drive provides 128GB of internal storage allowing you to shoot all day without stopping to download to your laptop.

Rule Boston Camera, a leading digital production and post-production equipment sales and rental company, is the North American distributor of the TS3Cine. The camera is currently available in Standard Mode with both Nikon F- and C-Mounts and optional accessories including a PL lens mount, 256GB SSD, additional rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, USB to IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi Adapter and Turbo Mode Option. Rule’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will provide comprehensive technical support and services for the TS3Cine.

Known for designing and manufacturing easy-to-use and economical digital imaging solutions, Fastec’s industrial line of high-speed digital video cameras provide motion analysis in Plant Maintenance and Field Service Troubleshooting, Research, Military Test and Instrumentation and Sports Training. The TS3Cine is Fastec’s first digital high-speed camera built for cinema and broadcast applications.

Together Fastec and Rule form the perfect partnership to manufacture and distribute this affordable and revolutionary high-speed camera.

For more information about Rule Boston Camera please
visit http://www.rule.com.


For more information on Fastec Imaging Corporation
visit http://www.fastecimaging.com.

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