Imagine Magazine’s Imaginnaires Award Party

Imaginnaire Holiday Party

The Year of the Woman – Our “Imaginnaires”

Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante mega-supporter of Film Tax Credits.
Rhode Island Film Office Assistant/Director Carol Conley supports Independent Filmmakers.
Casting Director Lisa Lobel consistently casts Boston’s best performers.
WIFV/NE’s Juliet Schneider who went the extra mile to save WIFV/NE in New England.
Our “Shooting Star” is Ava Fratus, a very young woman born to perform.

Exciting Guests • Merriment & Party Gifts • Splendid Food & Beverages
Networking Potential Extraordinaire
The IMAGINE New Year’s Celebration is the Best Networking Party & Award
Celebration for the Production Community in New England!

Order as many tickets as you need by using the form below via PayPal or Credit Card.

R S V P N O W. T H I S  E V E N T  S E L L S  O U T  E V E R Y  Y E A R !
$100.00 per person is to begin, renew or extend your big, beautiful new glossy 2018 IMAGINE!

Please join me for a terrific and magical evening at Janurary 9th at 7:00pm at Venezia Restaurant to celebrate the New Year, network and honor our peers.

Venezia Restaurant

Our exquisite venue is Venezia, 20 Ericsson Street, in the Port Norfolk section of Boston,
tucked away from the bustle of the city to offer a beautiful and relaxing experience
overlooking the harbor with sweeping views of the city skyline. Ample free parking.

Venezia is located at 20 Ericsson St, Boston, MA 02122.

Happy New Year and I can’t wait to see you!!!

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