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NAB 2015 – HDR Outshines 4K

It is as stunning as the shift from SD to HD NAB 2015 has come and gone. There were many expected announcements and as usual,...

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I came across a quote from an Eastman College student handbook from 1884 that applies to screenwriting too; “You must walk and you must do...

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Descendants of the Past, Ancestors of the Future

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/104242543 Year Made: 2014 Description: Golden Globe, Emmy, and Drama Desk nominee Tina Chen (THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR) and Albert M. Chan (GHOSTS...

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High Output names Daniel H. Jentzen Account Executive and Director of Education

High Output, Inc announced today that Daniel H Jentzen, a lighting designer and theatre teacher, will join the company full-time as Account Executive in its...


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Street Art Deemed Fair Use

In a case that has implications for filmmakers; the Ninth Circuit recently held that the popular band Green Day’s unauthorized use of street artists’ work,...

Tax Credit Local Impact


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Latest Edition

MAY2015 Some times you just don’t know how things will turn out. We wanted to do an article about Geoff Eads, an IATSE lighting technician and his wife Kate McKenna, a professional baby and family photographer because the were the initiators of the kitchen table, organic website SAVEMAFILMJOBS.com. As good luck would have it Geoff has been pulling cable and grueling hours on set and Kate has been juggling the website, her business all while the two of them also care for their two year old twins. We wanted a photo of Geoff and Kate on the cover of this edition, but we ended up with a photo of their twin girls solely because we couldn’t get Geoff and Kate together long enough at the same time for a photo session. Fortunately, Kate did have a few minutes to capture her two girls, Greta and Elsa Eads in her studio having what looks to us a really fun time with the Film = Jobs banner. Voila! We could not have planned a better cover. Living proof Film Tax Credits in Massachusetts serve hard working families in Massachusetts. Read Geoff and Kate’s amazing story in this issue of IMAGINE on pages 18 and 19. See exactly how their efforts have placed in to the marketplace countless faces and stories about industry professionals who work in the Film and Television industry and depend on that work coming here.

Take Two

Needless to say, it’s more complicated than most will ever know. Making laws that is. Attempts to unmake law is even more complex.

My guess is most are unsure of how that happens. H. 62 is designed to take down legislation that we have fought for, improved and defended for nearly a decade. Where is the respect that should be given to all that effort? This is what we are dealing with at this juncture. There was an enormous amount of energy plowed into creating Massachusetts Film Tax Credits. I honestly don’t believe that can be undone in one session.

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