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Review and Delivery in 2014

We live in the “age of instant.” As a culture, we have gotten so good at getting information instantly, that news teases are now obsolete....

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We’re in love. With BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. All is well with the world. The script is finished. Pop the champagne. Call your mother; mine’s dead. In...

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“Lack of Cockery”

Description: A venture capitalist enlists a desperate indie singer to engage in a life swap with him. But when an unexpected female guest shows up...

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High Output names Daniel H. Jentzen Account Executive and Director of Education

High Output, Inc announced today that Daniel H Jentzen, a lighting designer and theatre teacher, will join the company full-time as Account Executive in its...


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Street Art Deemed Fair Use

In a case that has implications for filmmakers; the Ninth Circuit recently held that the popular band Green Day’s unauthorized use of street artists’ work,...

An interview with Tommy DeNucci

Almost Mercy Trailer

Almost Mercy Trailer from Woodhaven Productions on Vimeo.

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NOV2014 Erica Derrickson is on our cover for this edition of Women Who Work in the Industry because of her sense of adventure. And not just a sense of adventure for the sake of it, but making sure it provides ample opportunity for working in her chosen field. The 29-year-old actress and professional photographer is the dynamic tour-de-force behind Hollywood East Actor’s Group, which she founded in 2012 soon after she started acting in New England . She’s been in major films such as THE HEAT and the lead in indie films, including MELT by local filmmaker Mikel J. Wisler, and RAFI BABY which was chosen to screen at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. She has set out for India, on the day of her 29th birthday, on a six-month backpacking Journey of winging it, planning nothing, experiencing life moment by moment on a spiritual quest that she sees as a way of helping others through the power of her example. I suspect that Erica will come home with a Travel Television Show for Questers that she will combine with all kinds of inventive new media that will form a franchise rivaling Rachel Ray. As she explores India , Erica will also have the chance to flex her acting chops. “I’m essentially entering one of the most vibrant and dynamic film marketplaces on the face of the planet,” she says, “and I’ve already been in contact with an Indian filmmaker and have been offered a role.” If nothing else this journey also demonstrates how filmmaking itself has been decentralized. “Frankly it doesn’t matter where you are, you can find people making films and doing the work to make good art. If you chose to do so,” she says Erica’s impact on the local film industry has not gone unnoticed. She was the recipient of the 2013 Imaginnaire Shooting Star award for “Passion, Promise and Potential.” And I’m not surprised one bit by her imagination and daring.

Take Two

I’m so sorry to say that most of you haven’t seen me in person this fall and I really miss seeing you and attending industry events, being out with my friends, calling on new accounts and generally being in a great frame of mind. I’m terribly sad about those things. But, that isn’t what’s happening and I believe I need to tell you why and what is going on with me.

It isn’t a secret. It is ironic though, that after all these years I’ve been supporting The Ellie Fund that I didn’t have a clue how much one suffers while tolerating the chemotherapy that is essential to kill breast cancer cells and get a cure. Chemo may do a number on my cancer cells, but, believe me it does the same to my healthy cells. I do know chemo that it is working for me. I do know I am getting well. I do know that I feel awful most of the time.

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