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2014 Post Production Year in Review

As the year comes to a close and we look forward to 2015, we should look back at 2014 and see what we have learned. ...

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I came across a quote from an Eastman College student handbook from 1884 that applies to screenwriting too; “You must walk and you must do...

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“Lack of Cockery”

Description: A venture capitalist enlists a desperate indie singer to engage in a life swap with him. But when an unexpected female guest shows up...

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High Output names Daniel H. Jentzen Account Executive and Director of Education

High Output, Inc announced today that Daniel H Jentzen, a lighting designer and theatre teacher, will join the company full-time as Account Executive in its...


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Street Art Deemed Fair Use

In a case that has implications for filmmakers; the Ninth Circuit recently held that the popular band Green Day’s unauthorized use of street artists’ work,...



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JAN2015 Many of you are familiar with this, but many of our new readers and viewers may not be, Christy Cashman has been on the cover of every Holiday Edition of IMAGINE Magazine since our inception in April of 1998. So it has been a very long and loyal relationship, one I value highly. I see Christy as being as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, extremely bright and a most caring individual. When I first meet Christy she was an accomplished professional model, still new to Boston and a budding writer and actor. But, I recognized immediately that she would not only accomplish all her goals, but become so much more as a producer and engaging business woman. Her Saint Aire Production company has produced and executive produced many successful film projects including her own that she has written, produced and acted in. She paid her dues along the way acting in many independent films. My goal one day is to produce a Christy Cashman Film Festival showing all her work and donating the proceeds to her one of her favorite charities. I believe that would be a kick Christy is an avid supporter of our industry and the community she lives in on many levels. Her projects are always fascinating to me, her own and those she chooses to develop. She’s not afraid to try new things even if nobody else thinks they’ll work. I love what she does and did with CharityWarriors, an ongoing project that defies the imagination of most. Imagine a multi-platform six week program that helps women who head charities to raise funds in a competitive environment that’s fun and entertaining. It gives donors an opportunity to learn more about who their giving to and concludes with a Gala where donors and fund raiser get together. In addition to the funds each participant raise, the one who raises the most get an additional $10,000 prize. I hope she syndicates it to other markets because if she doesn’t I predict there will be copycats springing up in major markets everywhere. A documentary film was being recorded all through the six week process and will be released early in 2015. How can you have so much fun doing such serious work? Ask Christy. On this cover we wanted to show that everyone is headed to Boston to make films and movies. This edition gets a huge bonus distribution at Sundance and NATPE, the world’s largest Television content conference in the world. We hope this cover shouts bring your film and TV series to New England . It’s an excellent location and our Film Tax Credits are just the best.

Take Two

2014 is on the way out. Some are saying good riddance. However, the overwhelming cry seems to be “come on 2015” as many believe the New Year is already looking up. I can readily agree for a number of reasons. We are already seeing advertising inquiries from potentials clients we’ve not heard from before and our subscriber base has suddenly taken a bound upwards with no special campaign on the boards. Those are good indicators I believe and they cause my spirits to rise. You too can get a lift by reading our 2015 Industry Predictions from those you really want to hear them from.

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