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Review and Delivery in 2014

We live in the “age of instant.” As a culture, we have gotten so good at getting information instantly, that news teases are now obsolete....

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We’re in love. With BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. All is well with the world. The script is finished. Pop the champagne. Call your mother; mine’s dead. In...

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“Lack of Cockery”

Description: A venture capitalist enlists a desperate indie singer to engage in a life swap with him. But when an unexpected female guest shows up...

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High Output names Daniel H. Jentzen Account Executive and Director of Education

High Output, Inc announced today that Daniel H Jentzen, a lighting designer and theatre teacher, will join the company full-time as Account Executive in its...


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Street Art Deemed Fair Use

In a case that has implications for filmmakers; the Ninth Circuit recently held that the popular band Green Day’s unauthorized use of street artists’ work,...

An interview with Tommy DeNucci

Almost Mercy Trailer

Almost Mercy Trailer from Woodhaven Productions on Vimeo.

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Latest Edition

OCT2014 Gracing our AFM cover is Carlyne Fournier. She is on our cover because she is the producer of SILENCE, a New England film project IMAGINE is featuring in this edition because we want everyone at AFM to see its possibilities as a premium feature film. Carlyne is a New England based producer, bilingual actress, and voice over artist, who loves what she does. Born and raised on the outskirts of Montreal, Carlyne has had a passion for film since she was eight years old - already then attending double feature presentations at local cinemas by herself. Over the last couple of years alone, Carlyne has gained over thirty credits in the film and television industry, and was the recipient of the “Best Supporting Actress” award at the 2012 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival for her role in MY PRETTY MAURA. Some of her most recent projects include: producing the award winning Music Video “Take my Keys” which features the dangers of teen drunk driving; SPIN THE PLATE where she played Barbara - a tough defense attorney; THE AMERICAN TEMPLARS where she portrayed the unflinching Lilly Yarborough; JUSTICE IS MIND for her co-starring role as Dr. Pullman; THE WITCHING HOUR with actor Michael Madsen and William Forsythe; and I AM MONRE as the paranoid schizophrenic Gladys Baker. When not working on improving her craft with her acting coaches, Carlyne spends all her quality time with her family either in Quebec or at home by the ocean in Massachusetts .

Take Two

I am very excited about our AFM special edition. Imagine, we are getting the word out to over 8,000 industry professionals from more than 180 countries that are bringing more than $3 billion dollars of purchasing power with them and making over $1 billion dollars in deals at the American Film Market in Santa Monica in just one week! It’s a no brainer for me to spread the word about the very best we have to offer including the one great simple fact that New England is a thriving and serious place to make movies and TV Shows. 

New England is open for business! Pay attention! This awareness road goes directly through the heart of the American Film Market. They need to know that some of our states have really fabulous Film Tax Credit programs and perhaps Massachusetts is one of the best in the nation.

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