An Update on the Budget: Conferees Named today that will reconcile the Senate and House Budgets

A State Capitol brief today announced “There were no surprises Thursday as the House and Senate named six members to come up with a consensus state budget. The budget, which is due by July 1, will be hashed out by a conference committee chaired by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Brian Dempsey of Haverhill and Senate Ways and Means Chairwoman Karen Spilka of Ashland. They will be joined by Ways and Means vice chairs Rep. Stephen Kulik of Worthington and Sen. Sal DiDomenico of Everett. Sen. Vinny deMacedo of Plymouth and Rep. Todd Smola of Warren will serve as Republican conference members.

This committee will decide to keep or not keep Senate Amendment #38 in the 2018 Fiscal Budget. The amendment literally guts our Massachusetts Film Tax Credits. Along with us, Hollywood will be watching this committee and its final say about Senate Amendment #38.

We have to keep our fingers crossed and no matter the results of this conferencing committee, we need to acknowledge that we have much work ahead of us on Beacon Hill.

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