The Red Line: A Punk Rock Love Story With A Twist, From Brickyard Films

All Photos by Seamus Donahoe

Tim Eliot portraying Ian, a mid-level accountant trapped in a life of his own making

A banker, a tattoo artist, a thug, a crime boss, and a dog… If you want to see a compelling portrayal of twenty something angst that weaves its way thru an amazing music scene and comes out with hope and love, this is your story.

A disillusioned bank employee pursues a relationship with a beautiful tattoo artist living on the fringe of the Boston Underworld. When a rare $7.5 milliion coin goes missing, he finds himself caught between a sadistic mobster and a violent thug from South Boston.

Ira Chernova is Nikki, a beautiful tattoo artist who shows up with Ian's wallet

Small time crook and menace of a man Seamus is told by his friend Mick that the perfect score has fallen into their laps.An unarmed courier,soon arriving in Boston will be carrying a small fortune in this brief case.Their plan is simple. Little do they know Russell is carrying an extremely rare coin, owned by a man who is not to be crossed, Mr. Bartley.

Meanwhile, mid level bank accountant, Ian is slowly realizing that he is trapped by the life he has made for himself. Ian finally snaps at a meeting and lashes out at one of the bank’s Vice Presidents. When his boss tells him to take some time off, Ian heads out for a night with Mark, an ex-bike messenger, mail room clerk.

Ian and Mark make their way to an underground art gallery opening filled with punk rockers, bike messengers, and a beautiful tattoo artist, Nikki. Ian manages to piss off a couple of tweaked out coke-heads and a chase ensues, which ends with Ian crashing into Nikki. Ian wakes up the next morning and realizes he lost his wallet. Nikki shows up at the bank with Ian’s wallet, catching him totally off guard. He is awkward and tongue tied, now confident that Nikki would have nothing to do with him.

Extras in the scrum for The Red Line

Across town at Logan Airport, Mick anxiously waits for Russell. All Mick has to do is get Russell to the plaza in front of Mr. Bartley’s office. Only a few blocks away, Mick takes his eyes off the road for a moment to send Seamus an ETA text when he smashes into the back of a parked cop car. While Mick deals with the police, a furious Russell gets out and walks the short distance to the plaza…Where Seamus is waiting.

Demographic Appeal: 18 – 34
THE REDLINE is in development at Brickyard Films in Boston, Massachusetts and is seeking a $3 million budget along with producing and distribution partners.
Writer/Directors are Geoff McAuliffe and Sean McLean. Producers Michael McCarthy andToni-Ann Parker
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Contact Michael McCarthy at or 617 262-3220.

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