Robin Rapoport Likes the Intimacy of Film

By Robin Rapoport

clockwise from left:Robin Ann Rapoport Headshot. Photo by Lorenzo Vigil Photography. / Robin Ann Rapoport in a still from the short film THE ORGANIST. Photo courtesy of Bryan Sih and Boston University. / Robin Ann Rapoport as
Margaret Miller in JUSTICE IN MIND. Photo courtesy of Affidavit Productions./ Robin Ann Rapoport in costume as the Mom on the set of WORLDS WE CREATED. Photo courtesy of Alison Walter and BullMoose Pictures

I started acting at the age of six years old. I had a severe lisp as a child and my speech therapist suggested performing as a way of improving it. I joined a local theater group and as soon as I stepped onstage for the first time, playing the role of Jane in Peter Pan, I was hooked- I knew it was something I’d be doing for the rest of my life. I acted in plays through high school, college, and beyond, working with Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota, Florida and The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania before settling in Boston where I continued to perform onstage with many wonderful theater groups including the Devanaughn Theater, Theater Cooperative, and Molasses Tank Productions. I also created the role of Deb in the world premiere of Gail Phaneuf’s Breakfast with Mary in Harrison, Maine.

In 2010 I decided to take my acting life in a different direction and explore opportunities in film and television. In preparation, I studied Meisner technique for a year with Lyralen Kaye of Another Country Productions, which was incredibly helpful in making the transition from theater acting to film acting. After so many years onstage it was quite a challenge to act for a camera instead of a theater full of audience members, but I soon became comfortable with being on a film set rather than onstage. I am still passionately in love with the theater and hope to do more of it, but I also really appreciate the intimacy of film acting. I also took a number of other film acting classes, including three at CP Casting with Bates Wilder, Peter Kelly and Carolyn Pickman.

Since embarking on my film acting journey I’ve been lucky enough to be cast in many incredible projects, including the multiple-award-winning short film WORLDS WE CREATED (Bullmoose Pictures), written and directed by Nicholas Santos, which was shown at over 25 film festivals including the 2013 Cannes Short Film Corner. Another high point was playing a speech therapist in Talin Avakian’s beautiful film DEMI POINTE, winner of the Indie Soul Best Picture Award at the Boston International Film Festival, the Audience Award for Drama at the 2013 Online New England Film Festival, and a “Shifty Uplifty” Award at the Filmshift Festival. Probably the most thrilling moment of my career to date has been attending the world premiere at the Capital District Film festival in Albany, New York of Mark Lund’s feature film JUSTICE IS MIND (Affidavit Productions/ Ashton Times/Zone 5 Pictures) in which I played the lead role of Margaret Miller. JUSTICE IS MIND has had, to date, nine theatrical screenings with more to come, three university screenings, and has been shown at four science fiction conventions. It has been so exciting to watch its success and I am so proud to have been a part of it.

In addition to film, I have also had the opportunity to perform in a number of industrials and assorted video projects. Recently I have been exploring voice over work as well. I recorded five audio books for, which was a dream come true for me as I am a huge fan of them, and I hope to do more in the future.

It is such a fantastic time to be an actor in New England, with so many productions choosing to film here and with the New England Studios in Devens providing even more amazing possibilities! I am constantly awed and inspired by the talent, drive, and creativity of those who work in film in this area and I love the supportive and welcoming community. I look forward to continuing to develop my craft and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Robin Rapoport is a Boston based actor. You can reach her at

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