N.E. Actor Profiles: Anjali Khurana

by Becki Dennis



I believe that the creative arts hold an incredible power to heal, unite, and if need be, incite. -Anjali Khurana

Actor, dancer, choreographer, activist, neurobiologist… This isn’t a combination you hear too often, but for Anjali Khurana this is exactly what her unique background consists of. A Harvard and Columbia graduate, with degrees in neurobiology and public administration, Ms. Khurana’s success lies in her ability to pursue her multiple talents and interests, while remaining true to her core mission.

Anjali was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has now traveled the world to accomplish her goals; training, performing, and choreographing professionally in Boston, NYC, LA, and Mumbai, in films, commercials, music videos, and live shows.

A still from “Bekha” a music video shot in Mumbai, India.
A still from “Bekha” a music video shot in Mumbai, India.

While working in Mumbai, she balanced her entertainment career with serving the public health sector, providing outreach programs to children in impoverished villages and raising awareness of health risks in slums. Additionally, she was a delegate for “Witness for Peace” in Mexico, where she worked with human rights activists to draw attention to the struggles of sweatshop workers.

Last fall, she was able to combine many of her passions to originate and produce “National Dance for Obama,” an artistic way to engage youth in the political process before the 2012 election. This extraordinary event, which Anjali organized, choreographed, and danced in, spread across 19 states with over 800 participants and was featured in over 25 media outlets, including CNN, CBS Radio, and Yahoo South African News. The choreography she taught for this, and other projects in the past, is a style of dance she created, which is a fusion of Indian classical dance, Indian folkdance, Hip-Hop, Latin, and Modern.

As an actor, Ms. Khurana has had principal and supporting roles in films such as ROSE, LAST, TWELVE CHIMES, and A GAME OF LOVE. Her recent achievements include landing a role in an upcoming feature film and completing several commercials, some of which include Staples, National Grid, and Twist. She also plans to collaborate and develop original material with other local Boston actors this spring.

How Anjali Khurana has been able accomplish so much already in her life is truly remarkable. Even more impressive is how humble and kind she remains through all of her success, never wavering from her values. She is an inspiration to us all of what can be created when we act from a place of purpose and peace.

Learn more about Anjali at www.anjalikhurana.com and contact her at [email protected].

Becki Dennis is the owner and founder of Talent Tools, and is also a producer, director, choreographer, casting director, actor, and coach. She directed Anjali Khurana in her short film LAST, which premiered in May 2012.

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