N. E. Actor Profiles: Al Cialella

By Mollie Benson

Al Cialella. Photo by Joe Henson.
Al Cialella. Photo by Joe Henson.

Al Cialella is SAG-AFTRA actor originally from Waterbury, Connecticut. Although he started his acting career later in life than most he brings a world of life experiences into his craft. He worked in the navy as a missile repair technician, back home in Charlestown as a licensed union electrician, he hosted a live radio talk show for 13 years, as well as having had a lifelong passion for photo and videography.

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His humor is the most unique and memorable quality. He is most well-known for his ability to do spot-on voice impressions of Grover, Cookie Monster, The Count and many other Sesame Street characters, landing him a unique place in the acting community. In the last 2 years Al has acted in 21 films, taking on roles as a doctor, professor, father, grandfather, psychologist, evil CEO, retired man going blind, crazy gardener, redneck with a shotgun, king, Catholic priest, police officer, radio drama actor, mafia boss, leprechaun, businessman, a county sheriff, among others. Al says that he is so thankful to the many actors that have helped him in his career. Additionally having an acting coach from LA has sharpened Al’s auditions, confidence and performance.

Al plays theking in a remake of Shakespeare’s MADEA with Sara Murphy as the princess. Photo by Arlene Cialella.
Al plays the king in a remake of Shakespeare’s MADEA with Sara Murphy as the princess. Photo by Arlene Cialella.

Al is looking forward to moving on even further in his career in film, TV, and voice-over work as a SAG-AFTRA artist, and says he’s “living the dream.” With Al’s past life and acting experience, personally I knew I had someone special to work with as an actor. He brought life and energy not only to the coaching class, but also to his work. He is so free in his acting; his range amazes me. No matter what scene or role I give to him, he is able to breathe a different life into it and create magic. With over 38 years acting, writing, directing, producing, and coaching, I found that working with Al in a scene actually was easy and together we created more than what was on the script. Having coached in almost every major city, I know what actors need to bring to work to the highest level. What is extremely important to me is for an actor to be able to take emotional direction. Al is extremely easy to direct as he is always listening and not just hearing what I’m saying, but he is feeling it. If a scene isn’t working, he will go over and over it. Al is a fighter in the best sense of the word. He never gives up. Look for him in the future!

You can see Al’s reel on www.alcialella.exploretalent.com and he can be reached at alcialellajr@yahoo.com.

Molli Benson has over 35 years as an actor, writer, producer, director, acting coach based in LA. She has coached actors in most major cities in the US. Molli’s exceptional unique style of teaching brings out the absolute best in actors.

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