N. E. Actor Profile: Charlie Tacker

By Stephen Marchessault

Charlie Tacker. Photo by Feliz Giuffrida.
Charlie Tacker. Photo by Feliz Giuffrida.

“I’m not famous yet, but I’m gonna be.” says Charlie Tacker

Charlie Tacker is a nine-year-old actor from Wareham, Massachusetts, but don’t let his age fool you. He is a seasoned award-winning veteran who’s appeared in over twenty student and independent films over the past five years. Aggressive, professional, and determined to make sure that everybody knows his name, Charlie is one of the hardest working actors in New England.

On set he’s the typical, energetic boy dancing around and trying to make everybody laugh. But as soon as somebody yells, “quiet on set”, he’s all business. He gives complete attention to each take, is 100% comfortable in front of the camera, and has an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle cues and deliver exactly what the director is asking for. It’s a gift that makes him unique from most other child actors and has earned him the moniker “Two Take Charlie”.

In the 2012 Boston 48-Hour Film contest Charlie starred in YOUNG MAN, a film by Good Natured Dog Productions. For his performance as Jimmy, a boy forced to take on adult responsibilities, he won the award for Runner Up For Best Actor.

Charlie at green screen photo shoot for PREDATOR AND ITS PREY, currently in production. Photo by Stephen Marchessault.

Two of his films have premiered this year and are set for festival entry. In I FELL SILENT by Omnes Productions, Charlie delivered a chilling performance as Isaac, a young boy trying to resolve issues with his family. In NICKY, by Door Eleven Productions, Charlie plays Nicky, the long lost brother to the main character. After watching him in NICKY, I personally cast him to play the lead role in my film A PREDATOR AND ITS PREY, without an audition.

In 2013 Charlie will appear in three feature films: PROVOKED, a paranormal film by Jordan Pacheco, HOPELESS, a 3D zombie movie by Hans Hartman, and HENRY AND GRETA, a modern day Hansel and Gretel story by Jenny Lim. He’s also currently working on several short films. He’s the main character in the short film FIREFLY JAR by Gary Fierro and he also plays young Tony in CHILDREN OF THE ASYLUM by Mary DeBerry and Skip Shea. He recently signed with Model Club, Inc.

Charlie has worked with the most talented filmmakers in New England and has built a reputation as an easy going, talented and hard working young actor. People are beginning to take notice of little “Prince Charles” of New England, and soon the rest of the world will too.

For more information find Charlie on IMDB, visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CharlesTacker and check out his website at www.charlietacker.com and email chucketacker@ gmail.com

Stephen Marchessault is an Entertainment Producer and Casting Manager in the New England area. Stephen has produced and managed video productions, such as music videos, short films, fashion shows, film premieres, corporate videos, and behind the scenes events. Stephen worked with Charlie on the set of PREDATOR AND PREY.

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