Margie Sullivan Elected To Head The Massachusetts Production Coalition

margiesullivanOn May 16, 2013 the Massachusetts Production Coalition Board of Directors voted to elect Margie Sullivan, Board Member and Executive Producer at Redtree Productions as President of the MPC.

Five days after becoming president Margie conducted her first MPC meeting held at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on May 22nd to a standing room only audience that witnessed the passing of the baton from her predecessor Don Packer of Engine Room Edit.

According to Margie she sees her role as President of the MPC as a shared one with the entire board whom she intends to call upon and rely upon. She’s firm about guarding that which the MPC has begun and believes its important for the coalition to stay grounded and stay on track. She sees that the MPC has an important obligation to its membership to provide avenues of professional development and to stay current and learn continually. Margie has been a strong advocate and administrator for the MPCs “Working Methods” a Seminar Series that will conclude its season this month with Branded Entertainment offering an experienced panel that she will moderate.

She says she is not a public person, but rather an Executive Producer who likes to work quietly behind the scenes. Perhaps not public, but certainly an open person commenting that she wants to hear from the membership.

But, do hold onto your hats because she has a fascinating agenda in the planning stages for the upcoming year – continued Premier Screenings – there’s a big one coming up and hopefully taking an MPC meeting out to western Massachusetts.

As an Executive Producer at Redtree Productions Margie believes her most important contribution there, “is being able to look at a job that passes through Redtree from the eyes of an Agency person.” Formerly she was EVP Director of Creative Services and Broadcast Production at Arnold Worldwide in Boston. She understands workflow and has produced award winning campaigns for VW, Truth, Royal Caribbean, Fidelity, Verizon and McDonalds.

Margie Sullivan has grown up in the advertising community. At Redtree she has had the great pleasure of working with a well respected team that has integrity and talent. “I have had the pleasure of serving on the Ad Club Board of Directors, The Mass Production Coalition Board and the Alumni Board for Emerson College. I had a phenomenal mentor in my Father when I started in the business. He was Director of Advertising at Colgate Palmolive.”


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