Ed Burns

By Chris Palermo

Edward Burns. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Edward Burns. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Last time I was with Edward Burns was in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. We were shooting a fun scene together (got to actually act with him) in the Katherine Heigl starrer 27 DRESSES. This time around he returned to New England to celebrate the launch of production for his next movie TURK which will chronicle the wild life and times of legendary Boston Bruins Player Derek Sanderson. Burns is a Co-Producer and leading actor in the movie.

The film is based on the book “Crossing the Line” written by Derek and Kevin Shea who is an editor for the Hockey Hall of Fame. TURK is being touted as an indie with a moderate budget. Burns is no stranger to that world as he has been very successful in the last few years producing films budgeted in the thousands rather than millions. He came to Boston in 2010 to present his film NICE GUY JOHNNY at The Boston Film Festival.

On January 9th, 2013, media, film industry folks, and hockey fans gathered at the beautiful W Hotel in Boston’s Theatre District to celebrate the launch of this film based on one of the most flamboyant hockey players The NHL has ever offered. It really was a unique event put on by Regan Communications. Boston veteran sportscaster Bob Lobel was a great casting choice to emcee the evening.


TURK Director Doug Atchison from the stage told a huge crowd that his movie “will have us flabbergasted!” He also asked if anybody was interested in being an extra in the upcoming film. A few hundred people raised their hands. I did get to speak personally with Atchison. I suggested the importance of location to him and being true to the story. Boston is a very different city than it was in the 70’s and 80’s. How will they replicate those locations? Doug told me they intend to film here and will use Hollywood magic to make that happen. We’ll also be seeing the real Derek Sanderson, Bobby Orr, Garden, etc. as they hope to blend in historic footage into the film. Producers recently reported that they have been busy casting for the lead role in Los Angeles. No start date has been set but some reports had cameras rolling this Spring.

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