About our Summer 2023 Cover

 Michael Malvesti is on our cover because he has an enchanting story to tell that will bring a smile to your face and hope to your heart.   Michael has held on to a dream to become an actor ever since he saw GOOD WILL HUNTING in 1997. Many years later, just before giving up and thinking about finding that nine to five job, he auditioned at Carolyn Pickman Casting for a role in THE TOWN. He had given up, but a couple of weeks later he got a call to audition. Then he got a call back. Then he discovered he had been cast. 

Michael’s headshot

 Startled, Michael waited to be called to set. During this little process, Michael’s life would be changed forever. Read our wonderful story to find out just what happened and how it made a gargantuan difference in the life of Michael Malvesti. 

 All Michael wanted to do was be in one movie. So, he was happy. But the fire of being an actor was relit. Since then, he’s been in several movies: ORDINARY MAN, MOONRISE KINGDOM, THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET, HONEST THIEF, I CARE A LOT, WAKE UP LITTLE GIRL, FREE GUY, AND BOSTON STRANGLER. Plus, he has three films in Postproduction: THE HOLDOVER, UNTITLED CORD JEFFERSON FILM and MADAM WEB. 

 And TV has also been in his corner. He now, of course, he has the role of Benny in HBO MAX’s or maybe it’s just MAX’s Julia, and before, Dexter, City on a Hill, Castle Rock, and Broad Squad. 

 That’s quite an accomplishment and he has quite a story to tell. That’s why he is on the cover of IMAGINE. Be sure to read his story in this issue of IMAGINE. 

Michael gave us our cover photo. The cover design is by IMAGINE’s Design Editor, Monique Walton.

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