About Our April 2018 Issue

Jeff Rosica is the new CEO and President of Avid Technology. He brings with him extensive experience in sales and marketing with a knowledge of technology application. Mr. Rosica has additional background in operations and in the mergers and acquisitions fields. He has over thirty years of experience
in his industry and holds four patents as well as an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for Camera.

Jeff speaks with passion about Avid and its future. “It’s an amazing company, a New England Company that Bill Warner started back in 1987. The footprint that we have is not just for the creatives in Hollywood, but for the industry as a whole.” Avid provides collaborative solutions for the entire production team whether it be film, television or music production. Jeff affirms, “Avid is a unique technology firm. We obviously have a lot of tools that we use to help the creative community with their storytelling and what they are trying to do.”

Avid will shine in Las Vegas at Avid Connect, a function of the Avid Customer Association (ACA) that precedes NAB). He calls it the NAB primer. In five years, the ACA has grown to over 25,000 participants who provide feedback on how the technology Avid provides can work for them in the future. They vote and Avid listens.

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