3 Film Festivals in Las Vegas

Sin City, the Gambling Capital of the World, the Entertainment Capital of the World – Las Vegas is known as many things, and with over 22,000 different conventions happening in the city every year, it’s hard not to agree that the city has something for everyone.

In the past, many have held the notion that Vegas was a place suitable only to gamblers, as the Las Vegas Strip is most popular for the rows and rows of high-end casinos to choose from. These days, however, casinos in Vegas have been on the decline, unable to keep up with pressures from both the markets of other regions and the online gambling industry. Vegas has congested to the point that its casinos cannot introduce features such as Macau’s indoor Ferris Wheels and gondola rides, or allow free trials on their games, which Intercasino explains is a major benefit to playing games like blackjack online. Now, the city thrives on festivals and entertainment, and film buffs should be glad to know that Vegas hosts three amazing film festivals that shouldn’t be missed.

lv_film_festival_logo1. Las Vegas Film Festival
For years, the Las Vegas Film Festival (LVFF) has strived to bring together independent filmmakers and professionals from around the world, inspiring audiences as the most creative ideas come to life. This year sees light-hearted films such as “Seoul Searching” and heart-wrenching films such as “Fantasia”, as well as documentaries like “Beats4Tanner”.

001-Viip-0012. Vegas Indie Film Fest!
The Vegas Indie Film Fest! is one of the few festivals dedicated to the independent craft in Vegas, and the event has been voted as among MovieMaker Magazine’s Top Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee. Winners of the various categories each receive a “Golden Bulb” – one of the bulbs used to light up the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign – a perfect symbol of Vegas if there ever was one.

Las-Vegas-Lift-Off-and-Palms-1024x3793. Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival
The Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival is one of several similar festivals taking place all over the world, all with one goal in mind: to launch the professional careers of filmmakers regardless of experience level or connections, and regardless of the budget that went into the film. The Lift-Off Film Festival is also unique in that each filmmaker who submits work to the festival receives bespoke, exclusive content that differs from city to city, from festival to festival.

There are thousands upon thousands of festivals and conventions taking place in Vegas, and any film buff who finds themselves visiting the city should be pleased to know that there is more to do here than just gamble. As the gambling industry continues to evolve and Vegas finds itself shifting its focus towards entertainment, we’ll surely find even more festivals happening in “Sin-e-ma City”!

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