All About Our 2018 Imaginnaires Awards!

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!

While 2017 definitely had its ups and downs, we are very happy to be promoting 2018 as the Year of the Woman in the New England region as well as on the national stage! To kick off this new era in the industry, Imagine News is throwing its annual Imaginnaires Gala TOMORROW night. January 9th, from 7pm to 10pm at the beautiful Venezia restaurant just south of Boston. Imagine, stunning views of the Boston skyline over the water, amazing food, great drinks, and one of the local industry’s top annual networking opportunities New England’s film & television movers and shakers converge to celebrate those who have made a strong impact over the past year.

We have been sending out regular announcements about honorees and presenters and, in case you missed it, would like to offer an overview of them all here. Read on!


The Year of the Woman – Our “Imaginnaires”

Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante mega-supporter of
Film Tax Credits.

State Rep Ann-Margaret Ferrante
State Rep Ann-Margaret Ferrante

Casey Sherman, author of “The Finest Hours” and “Boston Strong” will be presenting to Massachusetts Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante of Gloucester, an articulate and significant supporter of MA Film Tax Credits.

Rhode Island Film Office Assistant/Director Carol Conley supports Independent Filmmakers.

Carol Conley Rhode Island TV and Film Office
Carol Conley

Steven Feinberg, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Film & TV Office is presenting to Carol Conley – Carol is a constant in that office supporting major studio and independent filmmakers who develop and bring their work to the Ocean State. She also directed and produced the award winning short film PENTITENCE.

Casting Director Lisa Lobel consistently casts Boston’s best performers.

Casting Director Lisa Lobel
Casting Director Lisa Lobel

Angela Peri, Boston Casting Founder and Casting Director will present to Boston Casting’s Lisa Lobel. Lisa is the driving force behind the Performance Institute at Boston Casting bringing major learning opportunities to performers in New England.

WIFV/NE’s Juliet Schneider who went the extra mile to save WIFV/NE in New England.

Juliet Schneider
Iridium Productions President Juliet Schneider

Alecia Orsini, President of Women in Film and Video in New England presents to Juliet Schneider, a freelance animator and owner of Iridium Productions. Juliet has served on the WIFVNE Board since 2011, and is the Immediate Past President and she always goes the extra mile for its membership.

Our “Shooting Star” is Ava Fratus, a very young woman born to perform.

IMAGINE’s Shooting Star is Ava Fratus, the young star of the film SNOWLAKE. She was born to perform. Photo courtesy of Goldilocks Productions.

Ava always knew she wanted to be a performer; that she was born to do it. And lucky for this little girl from Boston, the people around her knew it, too. And now, thanks to her performance in the film SNOWFLAKE, we all know it now.

Producer Kristen Lucas, Goldilocks Productions, will introduce Ava and present her with her “Shooting Star” Award. Lucas discovered Ava when judging a talent contest. She knew at once she had found her “Snowflake,” a script she had in development for some time. SNOWFLAKE won an award at the Boston International Film Festival and Ava won Best Actress at the Shawn Shea Memorial Film Festival.

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