It’s the attractive film tax credit incentives that have enticed studios and major producers to come to New England and some are on their second and third trip. Incentives! Transferable and Refundable Tax Credits are responsible for bringing them here. What they find when they get here is what is bringing them back.

It’s gratifying to see the number of new productions that are in production or lined up to begin production in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Meanwhile cast and crew from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are working regularly in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

New infrastructures of all types are popping up in our six states. Clearly the region has rolled up its sleeves to compete for the business and become an important production Mecca. And now it is fact: this is where Hollywood is spending its money. Almost $4 billion of it and growing.

Tax credits aside, a director is able to add uniquely distinctive characters to his cast: vibrant and rich neighborhoods, historic architecture, a sense of history, mysterious and exquisite coastlines and lake regions, fishing villages, boats, lobster traps, farms, premier academic institutions, covered bridges, modern bridges, ski slopes, beautiful flowers and trees, and perennial fall foliage. And don’t forget perhaps the most important production enhancement of all, those authentic New England accents.

Producers will find a professional production community in New England, a solid crew base, talented and well-trained actors, award winning casting agents, excellent production companies and postproduction facilities, substantial highly developed new studios and sound stages, superior camera and equipment rental groups, and innovative Film Offices in each of the six New England States.

Find out what all the excitement is about. Experience the exhilaration of shooting in New England. Take advantage of our tax credits that will allow you to do more for less. Studios, major producers, production companies and indies who have shot here are returning for their second, third, and fourth productions. That’s proof it pays to bring productions to New England.

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