I need a bigger magazine for all the content we would really like to print. The industry has grown so that we need more pages. In any event, we need more opportunities to tell all the stories that matter.

So we are designing a digital “imagine EXTRA” for just those over flow stories and breaking news that can’t wait until we go to print. Watch for it; it’s coming soon. 2016 has brought significant challenges for our industry. I do believe we have bested those challenges once again and it is our duty to thank all the stakeholders, individuals and the legislators who supported us.

I attended both NAB in Las Vegas and AFCI Locations & Global Finance Show in Burbank this spring. In both places my key purpose for being there was to distribute our IMAGINE New England Production, Resource & Location Guide to the attendees of these two events and observe our New England presence. I was proud and satisfied with both activities. And know that this special outreach helps bring the business home.

Lobby Day on Beacon Hill was quite a thrill. Who could have thought all those eighteen years ago that IMAGINE would stimulate and help grow a production industry to its present size. We do have some serious work still to do and I’ve got one very good idea.

IMAGINE has been publishing for eighteen years and we decided to have one great big fun and games party. It was quite a celebration and I can think of nothing better than to show you many photos. Thank you to everyone who attended. We played games, gave out prizes and everyone who wanted to, took home a souvenir “cover” of IMAGINE with their photo on it. Photographer Carolyn Ross took photo after photo and it was fun. All to support IMAGINE’s outreach in behalf of our production industry.

Special thanks are in order to our wonderful prize providers: The Massachusetts Film Office, the Rhode Island Film Office, SAG-AFTRA Boston, Engine Room Edit, Rule Boston Camera and High Output. All the amenities we could hope for we found at the wonderful new space called The Gallery in Faneuil Hall. I hope you’ll consider it as everyone there has every intention of being sure you are well cared for and happy. Our balloon atmosphere provided by Royal Events & Entertainment and their Balloon Designs, set the stage for stars, producers, actors, entertainment attorneys, talent reps, cinematographers, casting directors – we
packed the room.

I’m thrilled to bring you this edition filled with everything you need to know about the Summer of Film Festivals in New England. Each is an economic engine and job creator for their municipality, state or region to say nothing of countless hours of films you might not otherwise see. Please enjoy.