Images from the Imaginnaires 2014 Awards Gala


IMAGINE Publisher Carol Patton and Academy Award Winning writer – actor – director Ernest Thompson.

“Shooting Star” Erica Derrickson and “Imaginnaire” honorees Margie Sullivan, Jay Craven, Diane Pearlman and Chad Verdi with Publisher Carol Patton (third from right).



From Right to Left: Comedienne Tiffany Crosby, Casting Director John Campanello,
and Actor – Voice Over Artist Jennifer Antkowiak.

ESS_6347Alexandra DiFiore and Cailey Kilpatrick at IMAGINE’s Industry New Year’s celebration in the beautiful Grand Ballroom of the Providence Biltmore Hotel.


Animator – Director Jack (Quanzhou) Zhao, Actor Pamela Lambert, Ernest and Kerrin Thompson.
Melanie Star Wilson and Rhode Island Film & Television Executive Director Steven Feinberg enjoying the “Imaginnaire” Awards presentation.

Talli Clemons and Eddie Nason at the Gala. Photo by Rosemary Pacheco.

Actor Billy V Vigeant and Publisher Carol Patton.


“Imaginnaires” Director of the Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative Diane Pearlman and Kingdom County Productions’ Jay Craven. Both were recipients at the IMAGINE 2014 Gala.


All photos unless otherwise noted are by Evelyn Schneider, EES Photography.

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