October 2017 Crossword Puzzle

October 2017 Crossword puzzle

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1 Jan Waldman’s German Shepherd dog who plays in “The Man who killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot”
4 Boston location where there is a “grand experiement” in attracting studio movie production to the city
8 Blues great and the film about his life
9 TV show segment
10 Director of “Imagine Kolle 37,” Michele
11 “The Silent___,” for one
14 “Crimson ____” movie
16 Tonic partner
18 Road surface
20 A-lister starring in “Equalizer 2,”- being filmed in Marshfield
24 Santa ___
25 Twin cities state
26 Comedy starring Amy Schumer, filmed in Boston- 3 words
27 German painter, Max
28 Hawaiian wreath
29 100%
30 Prefix with profit
31 Verbalize
32 ____ Pearlman, director of “A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud,” producer
33 Iconic Bo Derek film

1 Producer of Hulu’s “Castle Rock,” Robin ____
2 Scottish landowner
3 Ewan McGregor or Sean Connery
4 Captain in “The Caine Mutiny”
5 Nicole Kidman’s character’s lover in “Cold Mountain”
6 Give recognition
7 Jabber
12 Sidesplitter
13 Director of “A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud,” 2 words
15 Russell Crowe’s middle name
17 Quartered, as an army
19 Major market for film professionals- Imagine is a media partner- abbr.
20 Poe, Rowling and Tolstoy
21 “_____ Killing Sweeney” movie wrapping up shortly that used film locations all over Boston
22 King Kong, for one
23 Screenwriter’s submission
29 “A Bug’s Life” character

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